High Z

High Z HV and High Z LV provide the highest acoustic impedance of all Sonotech® couplants. Both products were formulated to reduce surface noise and improve coupling performance on curved, rough, pitted and corroded surfaces.
Their environmentally benign formulas can be removed with water and it will often facilitate flaw inspection and thickness gauging when no other couplant will function.

High Z LV and High Z HV have a ferrous corrosion inhibition rating of 70.

*High Z LV is a special order. Please contact Andrew Engineering for a lead time.

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Sonotech High Z
Units Available 4oz Tube - High Z LV **Special order from Magnaflux** 4oz Tube - High Z HV
Part # 58-T04 59-T04
A.E. Part # 13010438 13010439