Sonotech Ultragel ll

Ultragel II has been recognised as the industry’s most specified and utilised ultrasonic couplant for more than 35 years. Ultragel II possesses outstanding acoustic performance, chemical characteristics and corrosion inhibition. It is ideal for flaw detection, thickness gauging, flow metering and acoustic emission testing across a broad temperature boundary (-10º to 210º F). It has a ferrous corrosion inhibition rating of 90.

*5 gallon and 55 gallon quantities are available upon request.

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Sonotech Ultragel II®
Units Available 4oz Bottles (Carton of 12) 12oz Bottles (Carton of 12) 1 Gallon Cubitainer 5 Gallon Cubitainer **Special order from Magnaflux**
Part # Product Discontinued. Refer to 13010424 25-912 25-901 25-905
A.E. Part # Product Discontinued. Refer to 13010424 13010424 13010425 13010426