Under Floor Wheel Lathe complete overhaul, Yarra Trams depot Preston, Victoria

Andrew Engineering was contracted to do a complete rebuild and overhaul of the 106TCNC Under Floor Wheel Lathe (UFWL) at the Yarra Trams depot in Preston. The original UFWL was initially installed at Preston in 1994 and has been servicing tram wheel sets for more than 20 years. Working together with Yarra Trams, Andrew Engineering overhauled the UFWL in a matter of weeks to minimise machine down time. Andrew Engineering performed a full machine strip down, rebuild (at Andrew Engineering's facility and onsite), and machine re-assembly and commissioning. The UFWL at Yarra Trams Preston is now fully market range and OEM supported.

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The overhaul consisted of:

  • CNC controller upgrade
  • Full electrical upgrade
  • Hydraulics upgrade
  • Replacement of worn or outdated parts
  • Rebuild of tool slides and ways
  • Full degrease and cleaning of UFWL
  • Installation of swarf crusher

Additional completed overhauls performed by Andrew Engineering:

  • Aurizon Forrestfield 106 Dual Gauge UFWL
  • BHP Billiton Ltd 106 CNC UFWL
  • EDI Downer Wheel Press
  • UGL Wheel Truing Mill

NGRS Maintenance Workshop, Bombardier Transportation Australia / Queensland Government, Wulkuraka, Queensland

In partnership with Laing O’Rourke, Andrew Engineering delivered and commissioned specialist rolling stock maintenance equipment and depot management systems for the NGRS Maintenance Workshop in Wulkuraka, Queensland. Andrew Engineering was onsite to deliver, install and commission the rail asset maintenance equipment. Andrew Engineering was awarded by Laing O’Rourke as a quality supplier for its “meticulous eye for detail and expert knowledge within rail engineering".

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The new facility comprises of the following machinery:

  • Tandem Under Floor Wheel Lathe
  • Bogie Exchange System
  • Bogie Turntables
  • Bogie Stands
  • Depot Personnel Protection System
  • Sanding System

Thomas Rail Yard, Fortescue Metals Group, Port Hedland, Western Australia

In partnership with Niles-Simmons-Hegenschedit Group, Andrew Engineering delivered a full turnkey project of the fully automated ore car and wheel and axle repair shop located at Thomas Rail Yard in Port Hedland. This greenfield project was delivered from concept to fully operational within 22 months. Andrew Engineering was onsite to deliver, install and manage all of the wheel shop machinery. Andrew Engineering remain the primary service and maintenance provider for this facility.

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The new facility comprises of the following machinery:

  • Wheelset Portal Lathe
  • Axle lathe
  • Wheel borer
  • Wheel de-mount press
  • Wheel pre-mount press
  • Wheel mount press
  • Axle wash
  • Bearing end cap removal station
  • Bearing removal
  • Bearing mount press
  • Axle NDT testing station
  • Ore car progression system
  • Wheelset transfer line
  • Wheelset storage (arm)
  • Axle transfer line
  • Axle storage
  • Bogie transfer mule
  • Wheelset turntables
  • Bogie turntables
  • Overhead maintenance cranes
  • 15T wagon lifting jacks

Auburn Maintenance Facility, Downer EDI, Auburn New South Wales

Andrew Engineering was contracted to design, build and install a solution to remove and replace all 12 bogies of a six-car Electric Multiple Unit without the vehicle moving and within a 12-hour cycle. Andrew Engineering designed, built, delivered and installed a first of its kind bogie exchange system (BES). The project was delivered within the strict timeline, met all customer expectations and has exceeded the facility's cycle time requirements.

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The BES consisted of:

  • 3 self-propelled bogie drop machines
  • 72 automated removable rails
  • 5 pairs of 12T vehicle jacks
  • 3 pairs of bogie jacks
  • 36 bogie drop stations
  • 2 x 15T bogie turntables
  • 1 x 60T bogie turntable
  • 2 x 15T bogie scissor lifts

Vehicle Rotator, BAE Systems Australia

Andrew Engineering designed and built a vehicle rotator for the Australian Defence Force’s M113A Armoured Personnel Carrier. This rotator is used to facilitate retrofitting and upgrading of the M113A’s structure. The first vehicle rotator proved to be so successful that a further two were ordered and distributed to other locations in Australia. The Australian Defence Force granted Andrew Engineering the after-sales support contract for the rotator maintenance.

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Robot Leak Test Cell, Nissan Casting Plant, Dandenong, Australia

Andrew Engineering designed a Robot Leak Test Cell for the Nissan Motor Company Casting Plant. This machine was designed to work in conjunction with the robots to unload trimmed parts from the existing hydraulic trim press and then leak test them using a vacuum. The cell measures the casting with three measuring probes and then impact stamps them before returning the casting to the operator for inspection and packaging. The Robot Leak Test Cell can test two different types of castings and multiples of the same casting.

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