Auburn Maintenance Facility, Downer EDI, Auburn New South Wales

Andrew Engineering was contracted to design, build and install a solution to remove and replace all 12 bogies of a six-car Electric Multiple Unit without the vehicle moving and within a 12-hour cycle. Andrew Engineering designed, built, delivered and installed a first of its kind bogie exchange system (BES). The project was delivered within the strict timeline, met all customer expectations and has exceeded the facility’s cycle time requirements.

The BES consisted of:

  • 3 self-propelled bogie drop machines
  • 72 automated removable rails
  • 5 pairs of 12T vehicle jacks
  • 3 pairs of bogie jacks
  • 36 bogie drop stations
  • 2 x 15T bogie turntables
  • 1 x 60T bogie turntable
  • 2 x 15T bogie scissor lifts