Thomas Rail Yard, Fortescue Metals Group, Port Hedland, Western Australia

In partnership with Niles-Simmons-Hegenschedit Group, Andrew Engineering delivered a full turnkey project of the fully automated ore car and wheel and axle repair shop located at Thomas Rail Yard in Port Hedland. This greenfield project was delivered from concept to fully operational within 22 months. Andrew Engineering was onsite to deliver, install and manage all of the wheel shop machinery. Andrew Engineering remain the primary service and maintenance provider for this facility.

The new facility comprises of the following machinery:

  • Wheelset Portal Lathe
  • Axle lathe
  • Wheel borer
  • Wheel de-mount press
  • Wheel pre-mount press
  • Wheel mount press
  • Axle wash
  • Bearing end cap removal station
  • Bearing removal
  • Bearing mount press
  • Axle NDT testing station
  • Ore car progression system
  • Wheelset transfer line
  • Wheelset storage (arm)
  • Axle transfer line
  • Axle storage
  • Bogie transfer mule
  • Wheelset turntables
  • Bogie turntables
  • Overhead maintenance cranes
  • 15T wagon lifting jacks