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Prototype parts are a crucial part of the design process, allowing for manufacturers to learn about the model before putting it to proper use. A prototype can later be used to test alternative use, enhance design and improve precision in work. Thus, these parts can greatly improve productivity and efficiency. Andrew Engineering is an Australian company providing purpose-built prototype parts, offering quick turnaround and collaborative work.

Prototyping parts for specialised equipment

As a leading manufacturer, our team is renowned for its customer-focused approach, delivery high quality products efficiently. If you’re unsure about how prototypes of your products could potentially benefit your productivity, be sure to speak to our team.

Andrew Engineering has over 60 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, and uses this background and knowledge to provide quality, innovative solutions to businesses throughout Australia and across the globe. We have a history of creating a range of products designed to improve testing, as well as the manufacture and design of railway products and ground support equipment.

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